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Services by Core Concepts Leadership

Leadership Training & Organizational Support

Change Management
Succession Planning
Strategy to Results

From little tweaks to entire restructuring, Core Concepts can help you train and organize your company to maximize the results of your employees.  Investing in the personal and professional growth of your team will enable them to become effective force multipliers.  During times of restructuring , setting expectations with your employees and customers is an important piece of the change implementation puzzle. We also can provide in-depth succession planning that will ensure continuity of operations when planned or unplanned losses occur.


Group Coaching
One on One Coaching
Conflict Resolution Coaching

We use the TGOROW (Topic, Goal, Outcome, Reality, Options, Way forward) structured method of coaching to ensure we maximize our time together.  Our coaching concentrates on clarifying goals and removing barriers to success and excellence.  Special attention will be given to help eliminate distractions and organize your life into key execution steps with clearly defined objectives.  Bi-weekly calls with 15 minute catch up calls in between keep goals and objectives in focus.   Three, Six and Twelve month packages available.  


Keynote Conference Speaking
Motivational Speaking
Small Group Speaking​


Core Concepts provides target subject speaking on leadership, life lessons, career building, and future potential. Experience inspirational success stories and targeted motivation to start your projects, conferences, transitions or new beginnings off right.  We will provide you with thirty or sixty-minute speaking sessions that will leave your audience motivated to move to the next level.  Our staff will meet with you in advance to ensure we clearly understand your expectations.  

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